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Advanced Obedience Video Training Series

About This Series

Have you accomplished the foundational skills and higher-level intermediate skills with your dog and you're looking for more challenging commands, fun tricks and skills that will help engage you and your dog both mentally and physically? This Advanced Video series can be a supplement to our in-person group classes, it also serves as reinforcement to help maintain the skills you have learned and it is a great way to watch, learn and practice at your own pace when meeting at a scheduled time and place can be a challenge. This video series is intended for you to watch, practice, review, and assess. Watch the video then practice the skill that was demonstrated. Once you have practiced successfully, review and assess your progress. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to become a successful dog owner with the convenience of watching and moving at your own pace. We value your commitment and time on your journey with “Respect On Both Ends”.



© 2023 RESPECT ON BOTH ENDS, LLC. This video series is for use only by authorized licensees of Respect on Both Ends, LLC and any other use, reproduction, or distribution of the videos contained in the video series is prohibited without the express written consent of Respect on Both Ends, LLC.

This video series is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional dog training provided by a certified dog trainer. Incorrect application of the techniques demonstrated in the videos may have negative consequences. If, when using the techniques illustrated in any video, a dog shows any sign of aggression, immediately stop training the dog and contact Respect on Both Ends, LLC for professional guidance.

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