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Group Classes
Behavior modification and Obedience Training

Behavior modification involves assessing the dog; the environment of the dog; the rules and expectations that are given to the dog; the age of the dog; the methods used to communicate to the dog; and the dog's past.  Once the variables have been looked at, a training plan is created for that dog.

Obedience Training involves training a dog to accomplish tasks that meet the specific needs of the dog owner.  Obedience training is more beneficially accomplished through a class because it allows you to work your dog through distractions.  Working a dog in a group class setting helps you to improve your skills as a handler. 


All classes are held at The Dog House, 16960 Ivandale Road, Hamilton VA

Basic Obedience Training:

  • The dog will demonstrate walking on a loose leash by the owner’s side while under distraction

  • Learning to sit and down through verbal command without being guided into position

  • Learning to hold a sit and down

  • Learning to be neutral to dogs and people

  • Training your dog to respect your items