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Meet The Team

Phil Lassiter,  Owner and Head Trainer

I cannot imagine life without dogs. I have had dogs my whole life and have experienced great friendships with those dogs. Watching my childhood shows like Lassie, Run Joe Run, the Bionic Woman with her bionic dog Max, and the movie The Doberman Gang only reinforced my interest and desire to work with these wonderful animals. The companionship, loyalty, security and unconditional love that these animals give is unforgettable.

Phil carrying black lab.jpg

I began my career as a school teacher. I learned to convey information to individuals and large groups. It is truly satisfying to see that “ah-ha” moment when things all come together for individuals. Therefore, a person with teaching skills and a passion for dogs, this was the perfect combination to catapult me to training dogs and their owners.

I received a training certification from The ABC dog training school and immediately began training large group classes for basic obedience and private lessons for dogs with behavioral issues. With my personal dogs, I began training/competing in a police dog type of sport called Schutzhund. This was not only fun, but it allowed me the opportunity to learn different training styles; thereby deepening my knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the NEED for clear communication between dog and handler/owner.

Bad dogs rarely exist, however, without proper communication, badly mannered dogs often do exist. The quality of a dog’s life (and owner) exponentially improves when the dog is well behaved. Walks, hikes, car rides, or just hanging out are possible and are more pleasurable. It is my goal to help owners learn good communication skills, to fairly and effectively teach their dogs to co-exist with them in harmony.

Elyse Fisher, Apprentice

Elyse Fisher .jpg

I am a Physical Education Teacher, and lacrosse coach, and love guiding people to work together and improve their personal skills, health and overall life!  Having grown up with dogs and always wanting one of my own, my grandpa "Wolf" had German Shepherds and this led me to having a strong connection and appreciation for the breed.

Enjoying teaching as I do, and then after getting my own pup "Kira" I realized how much I love teaching and fostering a connection with dogs!

Some goals we have are looking to obtain our BH Title, become the best workout buddies, and continue exploring the world we live in!
I want to provide as many people as I can with the opportunity to live in harmony, and their best life with their dog! I know how much joy having a good balance of play, structure, and proper outlets have helped us!

To learn more about our services, check out our Services page!



Fury is my four-year-old Belgian Malinois. She is my athletic buddy who helps with obedience and trick demos at schools. She is bright, energetic and a loyal friend.



Kali is my eleven-year-old female German Shepherd that we adopted when she was two years old. Kali assists me with visits to nursing homes and performs as a demo dog for my obedience classes. Kali’s balanced temperament helps me calm dogs that have anxiety or mild aggression.



Mace is our newest pack member that we adopted in July 2021. Mace is Fury’s half-brother.

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