Training Tools Used


Flat Buckle Collar – regular collar worn around the dog’s neck that you can attach a leash. The collar that typically holds the dog’s tags.

Slip Collar – sometimes referred to as a “choke chain”. Nylon cord or chain that fits around the dog’s neck and pulls tight when you tug on the leash that is attached to it. Recommended age for the dog to use this collar is 16 weeks or older.

Prong collar – collar that is designed to simulate the corrective bite of a dog to another dog. The collar has unsharpened prongs that close around the dog’s neck when you tug on the leash. Recommended age for the dog to use this collar is 16 weeks or older.

E-collar – collar that delivers an adjustable electric stimulation, vibration, or tone to a dog. Recommended that dogs have a foundation in obedience and a clear understanding of “markers before using this collar. Recommended age is six months or older before using.

** All corrections given using a collar for inappropriate behavior must be preceded by the use of a negative marker.


Tab – a six to 18-inch leash used to work with dogs during off leash handling

Four-foot leash – a leash generally used in high traffic situations to maintain close proximity with your dog.

Six-foot leash – most common type of leash for its versatility. Allows you to keep the dog close to you but also allow the dog to have some distance between you if needed.

15-foot leash – leash used to train recalls or to train “retrieve” with your dog.


Chuck-it                    Ball on a Rope          Puppy Teaser

Puppy Prey Drive          Kong on a Rope          Dog Frisbee

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